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Questions About Dentures? We Can Help!

At our dental practice, we provide denture and dental implant services for our patients. With the many pros and cons about each method, it can be hard to know what solution is best for you. Ultimately, it is best to talk to our staff about your situation. We are available by calling 423.713.5555 any time during our normal operating hours, or you can just text us at 423.713.5555 to start a conversation and further discuss your situation.

Are There Different Kinds of Dentures?

Yes! There are denture solutions that may replace all or only some of the teeth. Dentures that replace all of your teeth are known as complete dentures. Dentures that replace some of your teeth are known as partial dentures.

Do Dentures Require Surgery?

Typically dentures do not require surgery, but it ultimately depends on your particular situation. If you have any remaining teeth, surgery will be required for dentures. You can text us at 423.713.5555 to start a conversation if you are unsure if surgery is required. You can even send pictures in via text, which will help us know what will work best for you. If your situation requires surgery, dental implants may be a better solution. Unlike dentures, dental implants recover almost all of the natural function of teeth, allowing for chewing, smiling, and talking.

What Does Denture Maintenance Look Like?

Dentures require regular cleaning to prevent further complications to your mouth and to maintain the integrity of the dentures themselves. You will need to clean your dentures daily to remove food and plaque bacteria. You will also have to replace your dentures every 3-5 years. This is why we recommend considering dental implants. Dental implants are securely fixed into your mouth and they act like any other tooth. With dental implants, you can brush and floss as you would for any of your teeth. You will also need to get a professional cleaning every 6 months to ensure that your dental implants are still healthy.

Not Sure Where To Start?

We would love to help by answering any questions you have about dentures or dental implants. Every situation is different. Feel free to call or text to schedule a consultation!