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Top 5 Benefits to Straight Teeth


Not only are straight teeth visually appealing, they can also provide some health benefits as well. Below are some health benefits to getting your teeth straightened.

  1. Straight Teeth Prevent Unusual Tooth Wear

    Crooked teeth can lead to chewing that is inefficient and can cause wear on the tooth enamel. When in the correct position, chewing can be much easier, and your teeth don’t grind against each other in an uneven fashion.

  2. Straight Teeth Can Be Easier to Clean!

    Plaque buildup can happen with crooked teeth, largely due to the nature of flossing being harder. Food can also get caught in metal wire braces as well, which is why we recommend the MTM Clear-Aligner if you are an ideal candidate.

  3. Straight Teeth Can Lead to Healthier Gums

    If teeth are spaced too far apart, gums can become inflamed and irritated. Straighter teeth help your gums fit better around the teeth, creating a strong defense against problems like periodontal disease.

  4. Straight Teeth Can Make Brushing Easier

    Food and other particles can get trapped easier with crooked teeth. Straight Teeth can make your personal dental hygiene simpler. 

  5. Straight Teeth Can Lead to Less Dental Issues

    Straight teeth can help you to avoid more cavities and other issues, making your dental care simpler and helping you to avoid larger problems in the future.

Feel Better About Your Smile!

We want you to feel better about your smile! Here at Dr. Austin Roberts Family and Implant Dentistry, we have a simple teeth straightening solution. If you would like to talk to us about getting your teeth straightened, just text us some pictures of your teeth to 423.713.5555 and we can talk through any questions you might have.

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