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Halloween Candy Tips for Your Teeth


Halloween is an exciting time for many, but could cause a dental situation if you’re not careful. Here at Dr. Austin Roberts Family and Implant Dentistry, we have created a guide to common candies given out at Halloween and some things to remember beforehand. Taking the necessary precautions this Halloween can help you avoid making an unexpected trip to the dental chair. 


Chocolate is relatively safe for your teeth. It’s softer and less sticky than other candy, adding less force to your teeth and making it easier to wash off any residue. Dark chocolate fans can rejoice due to the lower level of sugar, which is better on your teeth. 

Hard Candy

Hard candies like Jawbreakers or Warheads are candies to avoid. Candies like these have potential of chipping teeth. People also tend to keep these candies in their mouth longer. This creates a situation where your saliva has been in contact with sugar for a longer period of time, which can have an adverse affect on your teeth.

Sticky Candy

Sticky candy is one of the worst candies for your teeth. Parts of the candy can get stuck to your teeth for long periods of time, giving bacteria that causes cavities more time to work away at your teeth.

Sour Candy

Sour candies are another type of candy to be wary of, due in part to their high level of acidity. High acidity can cause potential damage to the outer shell of your teeth.

Remember! Timing is Everything

It may be tempting to eat a bunch of candy Halloween night, but you could be putting your teeth at risk. Make sure you limit your candy eating (and other sugary foods) to around mealtime. Your mouth produces an increased amount of saliva around meals. Candy, along with other sugary foods, can minimize the acid produced by bacteria in your mouth.

Have fun this Halloween and remember to watch out for your teeth. The scariest thing you can do is neglect them.