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Text Your Dentist


Our goal at Dr. Austin Roberts Family and Implant Dentistry is to provide the most stress free experience to our patients. We take this approach into everything we do, including how we handle text messaging. Text messaging within dentistry is not new and has been used by practices for several years. Previously, it’s primary use has been for appointment related notifications to patients. We feel that this traditional approach actually increases the stress of an upcoming dental appointment, rather than decreases it. Furthermore, a cold, automated Y/N only reply to an apprehensive patient means that they don’t have a quick, non-confrontational way to get their concerns addressed without making a phone call. The simplest thing for them to do is to cancel their appointment. A recent study done by The Annuals of Family Medicine found that 65% of patients surveyed have emotional barriers to keeping appointments.  Dr. Austin Roberts Family and Implant Dentistry is trying to bring that percentage down by allowing patients to text their dentist and build a friendly relationship with the office staff. Keeping dental appointments, especially routine cleanings, can help prevent a cavity and help the patient avoid having to deal with a toothache later on. We want to easily, and in the least stressful way possible, ease any concerns and help patients keep their appointments. 

Text your dentist like you would anyone else

Here at our dentist office, we take a patient-focused approach to texting our patients. Our texts are real and conversational. We use the platform called Rhinogram, which allows us to send and receive texts through our existing office number. This platform not only allows us to confirm appointment times but also allows us to schedule and reschedule appointments in a friendly conversation that you would have with any other person over text messaging. Here’s an example of a prospective patient texting us from the link on our website. 

Personal Touch

We use the messaging capabilities of Rhinogram for more than just making an appointment. We use it to follow up after an appointment and answer questions for patients. We also discuss questions a patient may have before or after their appointment. Questions related to insurance or tooth pain are examples of conversations that some of our patients have had answered by simply texting us. 

HIPAA Compliant 

Patient privacy is of utmost importance to us here. Instead of having to deal with making a special trip down to our office or having to fight with an antiquated web portal that you can only access through a desktop, Rhinogram provides a secure, HIPAA-Compliant channel which can be accessed through your phone browser where we can share things like x-rays and other patient files.

What are People Saying? 

We have heard from many of our patients about Rhinogram and have gotten great feedback. Below are what our patients have said about being able to text into our office:

 “Appreciate the quick response.”

“I think it’s awesome man!!!” 

Texting made setting up my appointment so easy! I didn’t have to waste a lunch break on the phone trying to set up my appointment.” 

Just Text Us! 

Go ahead and start texting! Feel free to text us at 423.713.5555 about any dental questions you might have. We would love to talk with you more and answer your questions.