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Minimizing Pain on Your Dental Visit


Since the start of our office, we’ve been passionate about and focused on providing a stress-free dental experience here in Ooltewah, Tennessee. We offer this experience to our patients by utilizing cutting edge, non-invasive techniques, and staying patient-focused all along the way. 

Minimized Discomfort

One of the least favored experiences at a dental office is getting a dental impression done of your teeth. To make the experience comfortable, we strive to call our office “goop free!”. Instead of using “goop” to make a mold of your teeth, we use 3D imagery to make an accurate model of your teeth and jaw. 

Digital Communication with Your Dentist

Our dental office is a pioneering practice that utilizes a service called Rhinogram, a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform for healthcare, to receive and send texts and attachments through our existing office phone number. The conversations are natural language, not automated appointment messages like the ones you typically receive from other practices. Our patients can have a conversation with us and we can respond back like we would over a text conversation that you’d have with a friend. 

Powered By the Gig

All of these technological advances require a robust internet connection, which makes being a Chattanooga dentist within the EPB Fiber Internet service area so important. “It would be very difficult to operate this dental office without EPB’s Gig speeds,” said Dr. Roberts. The overall reliability, high data speeds, and affordability of the Internet service means that EPB is a great benefit to our dental practice.

Making an Appointment is a Text Away!

If you haven’t had the chance to make an appointment at our dental office, simply text us at 423.713.5555 to make your appointment today!