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Get a Free Online Teeth Check from the Comfort of Your Home!

Just Snap a Picture of Your Teeth and Send it via text to    423.713.5555

Just Snap a Picture of Your Teeth and Send it via text to 423.713.5555

 Here at Dr. Austin Roberts Family and Implant Dentistry, we have worked hard to bring ease and comfort into our process since the very beginning. One of the ways we’ve been able to do this is through technology to make our staff more approachable and to make your dental experience less stressful. One of the greatest examples of this technological approach is to provide two-way text message capabilities that allows you to text our main office line and ask a question about your teeth.

Just Text Us A Photo of Your Teeth


This isn’t an automated “chatbot” that you are texting, you are texting our front office as well as Dr. Roberts himself. What’s really great about this is that you can text 423.713.5555 a question about something that most wait to ask on a dental visit. Check out a list of types of messages that patients are sending in!

Have a Question? Just Ask!

If you are concerned with anything about your upcoming visit or think of something after your appointment that you forgot to ask, just text us! We are very responsive and would love to talk through any questions you have! Start texting us today at 423.713.5555.